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Meet Cheryl

I've been a registered nurse for almost 40 years.  I have worked in a variety of hospital and community health settings.  

I began my career in medical/surgical, ICU/CCU nursing.  In those roles, I worked in hospitals that cared the poorest clients in the community, giving me a sense of what it is like to try and access care in the US healthcare system.  From there, I transitioned to nursing roles in home health care, utilization review, provided case management for catastrophically clients and their families, and  worked in community health service provision. 


After working for nearly 15 years in various clinical roles, I returned to school at the University of Washington School of Nursing, where I earned a Master's degree and a PhD in Nursing.  As a tenured college professor, I have taught courses in nursing, research, and community health, and have mentored students. I have conducted community focused qualitative research, have served on university and community health committees, and have worked as a consultant and expert in race/racism, mental health, women's health issues, and administration, management, and health policy issues. In addition to my role as a nurse practitioner, I am available for public speaking and consultation.

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