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How we'll work together

One of my strongest skills is working with clients and their families.  I've been a nurse for almost 40 years and have worked in a number of settings that require the ability to quickly assess and collaboratively develop a treatment plan that is evidence-based and flexible enough for the client to be able to sustain and grow.  

I often tell my clients that I don't work harder than you do.  What I mean by that is that is this: This is your mental health and your life. 

I can provide skilled guidance, ideas and evidence-based plans to help you meet your goals.  But, the folks who most successfully grow are those who choose to become responsible for own their mental health and work toward goals they collaborative set with their provider. 


So, let's begin a journey of health together.  We'll discuss and work on problems that are meaningful to you, and identify together ways to improve your experience of living a meaningful life every day. 

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