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Hello, and welcome to my practice page.  I am board-certified in psychiatric mental health across the lifespan. Generally speaking, 

I treat children ages 5-11, and

adults age 35 and older. 

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I have worked with a wide variety of clients, but my expertise is in the area of unipolar depression and the anxiety disorders (generalized anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder) in adults and children, and attention deficit and hyperactivity problems in children.  

Image by Mitchell Hartley

Please read through my website where I describe my approach to psychiatric practice.  I come to our interaction ready to hear your stories and work with with you to find ways to improve your psychosocial health and functioning in our world.



I use a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment of mental health problems, believing that treating the whole person is essential to symptom management.  What that means for my clients is that we will take time to talk about your symptoms from an emotional, social, spiritual, and physical health perspective. 


We will always discuss how your symptoms and lifestyle contribute to or challenge good mental health.  We'll also develop a multi-faceted treatment plan that involves exercise,

improvements in how you fuel your body,

and work on strategies to

solving everyday challenges.


Medication management is not just prescribing a pill and hoping for improvement.  My approach involves frank discussion on the range of medications that can be helpful in your situation. We will also discuss alternatives to medicine, and expected outcomes for those alternative approaches.

Finally, we can work collaboratively to select the

best medicine for your condition.   


My commitment to you does not end after providing

a prescription.  Close monitoring and ongoing assessment of your condition is part of how

I use medications in my practice.  In addition to medication management, I provide individual, problem-focused therapy where we work together to find solutions to those problems that are

contributing to your mood symptoms.

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